Monday, 14 April 2014

Finding My Oil...

Finding My Oil...

Hey folks!! i know its been a bit since i dropped a few words! what can i say? i cant say i haven't found time to, neither can i blame it on lack of inspiration... i think (and i'm only thinking mind you!) the reason for the long absence is inspiration!!! (is there anything like too much of it?! Don't know....)
I have to (like folks say) start from the very beginning...

It was one bright Sunday, i went to church like I've done most Sundays since i can remember, sat down and the pastor (God bless him!) started to preach a sermon titled, "Jesus is Waiting" (bear with me okay? don't roll your eyes just yet, it gets better!) so i settled into my chair and wore that sanctimonious look we wear when we feel the pastor is talking to 'sinners' (the unsaved) Jesus couldn't possibly be waiting for me, i thought piously, i'm in church already
But my pastor was not talking to the unsaved that day, he was talking to 'die-hard, hard-core, tongue lashing Christians (like me or i think i am o!). 
He talked about how we always wait for God to move before we make our own move and he used the bible passage about the children of Israel by the red sea to buttress his point. 
When they got to the red sea and Pharaoh's army were on the other side, the people of Israel started to panic and Moses, like any good leader, stretched his hands and said to them, "Stand! and see the salvation of God!" something like that sha... when Moses turned to pray to God, God didn't say to them, "wait o my people, i'm coming, let me fix the red sea problem" 
God said to Moses, "tell the people to move forward!" (like seriously??) If Moses was like us today, he would have asked for clarification, he would have probably said, "em, dear God, apologies for questioning you, but, where in God's name are we moving forward to? there's a sea in front of us in case you missed it!" you know how some of us totally lose our heads when you're under duress...
Anyway, Moses just went forward and lifted up his staff as instructed by God and the sea parted! Just like that! 
See the message here is that God was waiting on Moses and the Israelites, you know how the bible says " the earth earnestly awaits the manifestation of the sons of God.."
so what has this message got to do with finding my oil  you ask? I'll tell you...Everything.
After I heard the sermon, I realized I couldn't hide behind a desk in an establishment in the guise of making a living while fervently hoping, that God will make a way for me to showcase my talent. What did i do (you ask again in bated breath?) Well... You have to wait for my next blog to find out. it is nothing short of inspiring, or calling me crazy! 
Depends on which side you're on anyway...
Till next time, when i tell you how i found my oil and hopefully, teach you how to find yours, its your one and only Vidagirl!

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