Thursday, 24 April 2014

Finding My Oil 2...

Finding My Oil 2

So i called my trusty confidant up and i told her what i was thinking about. i wanted to quit my stable job that got me steady income to pursue my dream as an actor! i expected the usual, "are you nuts? you're too old for pipe dreams!" and such, but all i got was encouragement to follow my dreams. when i prayed about it, i got the go-ahead i needed so come October, last Thursday of the month, i typed out that resignation letter and submitted it to the HR person. To say everyone was shocked is the biggest understatement of the year, but i had to do what i had to do, i was a man on a mission (or woman in this case...) and nothing could stop me!
 How did i know what my oil is? Well...
I have to tell you another sermon my pastor preached (i know, i really pay attention in church!) i cant remember the title, but he broke it down for us and made it easy for us to figure out what our oil is, so i will try to do the same, okay?

First, your oil is a God given talent. it is something (a skill if you must) that comes very easily to you. it is not something you treasure ( but may count it worthless because you can perform it easily)
Secondly, it is something you enjoy doing! something you're passionate about that other people admire you for ( don't say arguing o! i know some people have a knack for arguing, and please for the love of God, don't say sleeping either! *sigh!!)
Thirdly, your oil is something you're so good at, you can actually get paid for it, (but even if you don't get paid for it, you wouldn't mind doing it for free) you have expertise with regards to this particular skill ( for some people its cooking, some its baking, for some, well, its writing or acting. *big smile)
 so if this was a mathematical equation it will be thus; 
Something that you're good at + Something you love doing + Something you can get paid for = Your Oil! Easy! 
Understand that if you're good at it, but don't get paid for it, then its just a hobby(like knitting without instructions and hoping for the best).
If you're not good at it, but get paid for it, well you're about to be fired (if its your job, that is!)
And if you're good at it and get paid for it, but don't enjoy it, then its just a JOB!

I always loved acting, in fact I'm in the drama team in my church (which means i do it for free, cos i enjoy it so much!) and I've been told I'm good at it, that's how i found my oil! 
How far have i gone in my new career you ask? That's story for another day!
But i'm happier, more fulfilled and so eager to start everyday! Because I'm where God wants me to be... I'm taking the bold (albeit scary) steps into my future and Pharrell's new song "Happy" is playing as my OS.

If I've made any sense, well, You're Welcome! and if you still think I'm bonkers, hmmm. You probably are not alone, I'm sure there are people with similar thoughts out there, but people will always criticize what they don't understand don't let their criticism stop you!  
It didn't stop Einstein, or Jesus Christ for that matter. 
And it definitely wont stop me!



  1. Dangiittt... I really was going to say sleeping!

    Anyhoo, lovely post, I am still finding my oil, and like moses, I am not sitting on my ass waiting for everything to add up... I'm trusting God, moving and taking it a step at a time and like you, i'm pretty sure I will get there.

    Needless to say, remember me when you become better than the next Lupita oooo, after all na me first comment.


  2. lol!! of course girl! youve been there from the beginning! love ya!!