Monday, 10 June 2013

Here's to Life...

Sometimes I feel all 'talked out', you know as if i've said all i need to say, written all i need to write. I was wondering what to blog about today, thinking of all the ways i've exposed my life (Tales out of school narrative or 10 first dates ridiculousness) and I wonder if we ever get talked out.
Can you REALLY say you've said all you need to say?If yes, why do we miss loved ones that have passed on? why do we say things like, "i wish i could just see them one more time and say..."
 The answer, I think  is no, you never know when a word would heal or alleviate a heavy heart. When your silliness (Nemo, thank you for being your funny self!) or seriousness is exactly what someone needs to break out of the funk they find themselves because life is NOT fair...
You must keep on keeping on. So, what to share with all my wonderful friends out there today? Well....
I don't have a witty story, or a funny incident, I will say as much to myself as I say to you, "HANG IN THERE!" God knows where it hurts, and He knows HOW it hurts, just don't give up yet, its not too late, you're not too old, too poor, too stupid, or whatever you feel or think, if its negative, then its not true, just HANG IN there! Everything will soon make sense, you will soon win that Emmy, or Pulitzer, or Nobel Prize, but you need to be around to enjoy the success. 

Like Joseph(from the Bible) keep helping others, God will help you! the bible says we should not be weary in doing good, just keep at it. You will break through and make it and when you stand on the other side and if someone asks, "Whats the secret to your success?" You will smile at them and say, "God did it!" Because you know that saying anything else, would be a huge, blatant lie.
So dear friends, here's to you, from the bottom of my heart, "hang in there Champs!God's got all figured out"That's all you need to know, trust me!Ciao!

PS: My heartfelt wishes goes to the family of Bollywood Actress Jiah Khan who committed suicide recently, such a sad loss, and a terrible waste...

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

"All that's sunny is not warm..."

Hiya! Happy New month! It seems just the other day we were telling each other, "Happy New Year!" The year seems to be sprinting for the finish line or is it just me? ah well... where to start, what to say? hmmmm! I never wrote about my trip to the UK did I? okay, let me tell you about going to the UK for the first time, it was such a jumble of extreme emotions! I was excited, petrified, anxious(don't you just hate airport terminals, stop overs and connecting flights?!) and totally relieved!why? well I was getting 5 free nights to sleep without an internal alarm clock that will wake me up at 5am for work.
We got to Manchester (i was travelling with my nephew, i go gist una why later,joor!) And as we both looked out of the revolving door, though tired we both nodded at each other in excitement, It looked bright and sunny and just super clean(where was the dreary weather I have heard so much about ?) as we waited to be picked up by Mark, our escort who walked towards us wearing track suit and blowing into his hands. Was it that cold i thought as he grabbed our luggage and wheeled it out, as we made our way out, na so i hear my nephew scream, "Sh******T!" I would have said the same, if i wasn't too busy racing for the car,why you ask?
The cold was the godfather of any cold I've ever experienced. we abandoned all curtesy and dove for the back seat of the mini Mark pointed to us,shooo! na so we dey shiver, my face was so cold i couldn't feel my lips! I sounded slurred when i talked!
Before we left sha I could almost bear the cold, but I was better dressed for it, but that first day, wetin my eye see, my mouth(literarily!) no fit talk am! I go dey gist una small small, no be small thing joor! 
PS: The picture is the view from my hotel room, clear weather, sunny snow et al!