Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Reading Tea leaves...

Reading Tea leaves...

Hi all! Such a wonderful period! its summer in most countries, but its raining cows and chickens in Lagos! The weather has cooled, the streets, though flooded in some areas are clean of debris (although to say the truth albeit grudgingly, Fashola has been quite a storm in cleaning Lagos up!(pun intended!))
Has it been a wet wet wet period for you? have you been caught in the rain at some point and had to go to where you were going drenched? I know, it can be very dreary and frustrating moving around without a personal means of transportation, but we Lagosians, we get by sha, one way or the other, abi nah? how we for do? We keep on keeping on because failure is not an option, some people are so frustrated and hopeful at the same time that they're ready to take any sign as God telling them something.
 Do you remember when we were growing up we were told that if you wake up in the morning and get pecked by a chicken you should head straight back to bed or the rest of the day will be terrible for you?(bet you didn't know that, eh?) or you stub your toe and depending on whether it is right or left you know whether you're going to have a good event or bad event befall you.
Yes, we Lagosians are superstitious, we don't believe getting drenched in the rain is bad luck or romantic(we no be Indians, thank you!lol)
Have you ever met one of those really superstitious people that read meaning into everything? they daily update their horoscope, they watch for black cats when crossing the road, they will never pass under a ladder, they check their tea cup when its empty for the pattern of the tea leaves (shoo!) Yes, apparently, in some cultures, you can read someone's destiny from a tea cup (gives a whole new meaning to 'storm in a tea cup' don't you think?)
Whether youre successful in predicting your future or not, heres a truth for you; God's thought towards you are not for evil, but of good, thoughts of peace and to give you an expected end! thats all the sign you need to know that the rain will stop, and the sun will shine again. You may be drenched today, but you will experience God's warmth, and the storms of life will not drown you, just trust in the Lord with all you heart and lean not on your own understanding.
Instead of learning how to read signs in your tea cup, drink that tea, put your feet up with a satifying sigh and wait for the rains to pass(they surely will pass) and after the rain, comes sunny calmness and the brightness of the day!
Dont despair! ciao!


  1. As usual,a wonderful piece i remain your best fan keep it coming God bless you.