Wednesday, 5 June 2013

"All that's sunny is not warm..."

Hiya! Happy New month! It seems just the other day we were telling each other, "Happy New Year!" The year seems to be sprinting for the finish line or is it just me? ah well... where to start, what to say? hmmmm! I never wrote about my trip to the UK did I? okay, let me tell you about going to the UK for the first time, it was such a jumble of extreme emotions! I was excited, petrified, anxious(don't you just hate airport terminals, stop overs and connecting flights?!) and totally relieved!why? well I was getting 5 free nights to sleep without an internal alarm clock that will wake me up at 5am for work.
We got to Manchester (i was travelling with my nephew, i go gist una why later,joor!) And as we both looked out of the revolving door, though tired we both nodded at each other in excitement, It looked bright and sunny and just super clean(where was the dreary weather I have heard so much about ?) as we waited to be picked up by Mark, our escort who walked towards us wearing track suit and blowing into his hands. Was it that cold i thought as he grabbed our luggage and wheeled it out, as we made our way out, na so i hear my nephew scream, "Sh******T!" I would have said the same, if i wasn't too busy racing for the car,why you ask?
The cold was the godfather of any cold I've ever experienced. we abandoned all curtesy and dove for the back seat of the mini Mark pointed to us,shooo! na so we dey shiver, my face was so cold i couldn't feel my lips! I sounded slurred when i talked!
Before we left sha I could almost bear the cold, but I was better dressed for it, but that first day, wetin my eye see, my mouth(literarily!) no fit talk am! I go dey gist una small small, no be small thing joor! 
PS: The picture is the view from my hotel room, clear weather, sunny snow et al!

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